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Bike-racing fae story!

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sprint-to-his-heartBailey is an 21-year-old bike racer, hoping to make the big-time and race on a pro team. Trying not to let her cliquish teammates get her down, Bailey’s hitting the summer racing tours accompanied by her sister Kelsi and her bud Nick. But her biggest aggravation is Jose, a semi-professional rider with a desire for Bailey she doesn’t reciprocate.

Piran is a 22-year-old guardian Fae studying at the Chicago Art University. He’s never seen a bike race until the Tour of Lake Michigan comes to downtown Chicago.

Bailey is instantly attracted to the cool, magical Piran, who can’t keep his eyes off the tough, ambitious human so unlike the delicate females of his own kind.

But their road to happiness is paved with bumps—a Fae duchess, a concussion after a crash, and a dark Fae blood doping scandal. Can their love stay on course when Bailey joins a cycling team in Colorado?

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