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Always Kiss Me Goodnight, by Megan Gaudino

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Always Kiss Me GoodnightSophia Destino is supposed to die.

All seventeen-year-old Sophia wants is to coast through her junior year. But with her parents obsessed with her Olympic-swimming-hopeful brother, a psychic best friend with a penchant for reading tarot cards, and prophetic dreams that predict her death—that won’t be easy. As her nightmares begin to come true, Sophia finds herself dodging death and longing for the time when getting over her ex-boyfriend was her biggest problem. Until she meets Leo Knight. The mysterious stranger seems determined to keep her alive—and steal her heart. But Leo has a secret that is about to change everything and Sophia is about to learn that sometimes…your number is up.

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This book has a lot to do with fate and what that means. People have debated for years if fate is predetermined or if it’s something that can be changed and since it’s something I often find myself wondering about I decided to write a book about it.

In Always Kiss Me Goodnight Sophia finds out there is way more going on in the universe than she ever imagined and I always wished something like that would happen to me. I was really inspired by the idea that everything happens for a reason and that every single person on this planet has a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is very concrete like becoming a doctor and saving lives, being a teacher who helps shape our future, or an artist who makes life beautiful, but then other times it might not be so clear.

But other times it might not be so clear and those are the people who were destined to become Guardians of Fate. Sophia isn’t sure what she wants out of life or what her future holds so when she finds out the universe has this great plan for her she almost can’t believe it. I think feeling lost and unsure is a feeling everyone can relate to at one time or another but remembering we’re all in this together and that universe has our backs can help make us feel less lonely. That’s why I wrote this story.

Megan GaudinoAuthor Bio:

Megan Gaudino works in a high school library by day and on her own books by night. She lives in Pittsburgh where you can find her reading, writing, and Instagraming.





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